Professional Consultant Service

Starland has over six decades of experience in cones making and over 10 years of cone machines production, we have profound experience in baking high quality cones and manufacturing cone machines. We provide factory planning, tailor-made machine building, installation, batter mixing training, on-site staff training and machine maintenance training to our customers.

Factory planning

Planning is very important to every business, with over six decades of cones making, we can provide professional advice on building a high quality cone manufacturing factory to our customers. Starting from designing the factory layout, we can provide step-by-step advice to our customers until they can begin actual production. Starland guarantees our customers can produce safe and high quality cones to the market.

Tailor-made machine building

Every customer has their own requirement on the products; from mini cone machine, standard cone machine, jumbo cone machine to different shape waffle basket machines, we can build the machine according to clients’ specifications and needs.


Installation of our cone machine is a very important procedure before the actual production; manage to produce high quality cones is all depends on proper installation. Our well-experienced engineer works at client’s site once the machine arrived. During the installation period, our engineer will provide training on batter mixing, daily operation training and maintenance training to ensure our customers can fully utilize our cone machine.